Thompson’s Wood

Thompson’s Wood is a small woodland area located in the southeast corner of Wollaton Park, along the perimeter of Parkside Road. 

The woodland area is approximately 2.5 hectares in size and contains a mixture of broadleaf trees, including oak, birch, and beech.  Thompson’s Wood is an important habitat for a variety of wildlife, including birds, bats, foxes, wood mice, butterflies and insects.

The wood is a conservation area and is closed to the public.


It is estimated that the woodland existed 300 years ago and it appears on Chapman’s Map 1774. Records show during 1813 there was planting in what was then known as Chouler’s Pond Plantation. Chouler was an estate manager.

The 1901 census shows William Thompson aged 43, a domestic servant gardener.  It is assumed that Thompson developed the site further and was thus given his name. 

(Information from Graham Woodward)