Pilkington’s Paddock

Pilkington’s Paddock is a grassy/marshy open space located in the northwest corner of Wollaton Park. The paddock contains one of three natural springs in the park, supplying water to the lake.

Snipe and other wading birds have been seen feeding in the early mornings.

The paddock is a conservation area and is closed to the public, but can be viewed from behind the fence.

Cuckooflower – one of the many wildflowers in the paddock.

Why is it called Pilkington’s Paddock?

We can’t be certain, but a group from Wollaton Historical and Conservation Society have been researching family names and have come across the obituary of a Mr Pilkington (Nottingham Evening Post, 6 January 1932), referring to him as an “agent to the late Lord Middleton’s Wollaton Park estate.

In addition, the publication “Wollaton Remembered” recollects memories from “Mr Pilkington the estate steward”.

So it could be the plantation is named after him!