Wollaton Park Tree Map

The maps below, produced by Friends of Wollaton Park, show the location of over 2250 trees, in publically accessible park areas.   There are over 110 species identified, each of which has a photograph in our Tree Gallery, with the most common species shown in the Histogram below the first map.

This first map excludes Lime Tree Avenue (Google limits a single map to 2000 items). Lime Tree Avenue is on a separate map at the bottom of the page.

Tree Count


The histogram shows the most common trees in the park.

Data is based on a survey undertaken by Colin Robbins for Friends of Wollaton Park in 2023. Some of the identifications are subject to confirmation.  Please let us know of any you spot that are suspect.  

Thank you to Dr. Graham Piearce for help in identifying some of the more unusual trees.

List of species identified in the park:

Atlas Cedar, Balsam Spire Poplar, Black Pine, Black Poplar, Blue Atlas Cedar, Blue Colorado Spruce, Box Elder, Brilliant Sycamore, Cappadocian Maple, Cedar, Cedar of Lebanon, Chanticleer Pear, Cherry, Cherry Laurel, Common Alder, Common Ash, Common Beech, Common Elder, Common Hazel, Common Lime, Copper Beech, Copper Norway Maple, Crab Apple, Crack Willow, Crimean Lime, Cypress, Cypress Oak, Dawn Redwood, Deodar, Douglas Fir, Dove Tree, Downy Birch, English Oak, English Yew, Ermans Birch, European Larch, False Acacia, False Cypress, Fastigiate Hornbeam, Fern Leaved Beech, Fir, Giant Sequoia (Wellingtonia), Golden Holly, Golden Yew, Grey Alder, Handkerchief Tree, Hawthorn, Hazel, Henrys Maple, Holly, Holm Oak, Hornbeam, Horse Chestnut, Hungarian Oak, Incense Cedar, Indian Bean Tree, Indian Horse Chestnut, Italian Alder, Japanese Maple, Judas Tree, Juniper, Laburnum, Large Leaved Lime, Lawsons Cypress, Leyland Cypress, Liquid Amber, Lombardy Poplar, London Plane, Magnolia, Manna Ash, Medlar-Thorn, Meyers Juniper, Nootka Cypress, Norway Maple, Osier, Persian Ironwood, Pin Cherry, Pin Oak, Plum Norway Maple, Poplar, Purple Beech, Purple Norway Maple, Pyramid Holly, Raywood Ash, Red Oak, Roble Beech, Rowan, Scots Pine, Serbian Spruce, Sessile Oak, Silver Birch, Silver Maple, Single Leaf Ash, Small Leaved Lime, Smoke Tree, Southern Beech, Spruce, Swamp Cypress, Swedish Whitebeam, Sweet Chestnut, Sycamore, Tree of Heaven, Tulip Tree, Turkey Oak, Turkish Hazel, Turners Oak, Weeping Cherry, Weeping Willow, Western Red Cedar, Weymouth Pine, White Poplar, Whitebeam, Wild Cherry, Willow, Yellow Buckeye, Zebrina Western Red Cedar.

Lime Tree Avenue Tree Map