The Fungi in Wollaton Park

Fungi are important components of ecosystems, and they play key roles in decomposition, nutrient cycling, and soil health.

It is important to note that not all wild fungi are safe to eat, and some can be poisonous or even deadly.  Unni, a Volunteer Park Ranger notes “A picture is often not enough to identify a mushroom as subtle things like smell, staining, how they develop and where and when they grow are vital to decide which one.”

The identifications in the gallery are our best guesses and are not authoritative.  

Photographs on this web page were taken in Wollaton Park and are reproduced with the original artist’s permission.  Copyright © for each picture remains with the original artist, who is duly acknowledged for their contribution.

On this page:  Unni Williams, Edward Giejgo, Yi Wang, Rod Smith and Helen Waldrom.