Sensory Garden

Sensory Garden

Laid out in 1994, the Sensory Garden is in a secluded corner of the Formal Garden near the Doric Temple.

It is set amid mature trees, a semi-shaded area which attracts many birds and squirrels.
It is a lovely wild woodland garden, well laid out with seats and curved paths around themed beds, which aim to encourage a large diversity of plants and wildlife, from wild woodland planting to sunny flower beds of perennial plants for bees and butterflies.

As a Sensory Garden, it was originally designed to impact all the senses and lead to a greater feeling of well-being and relaxation and be a tranquil space where visitors to can touch, admire, listen, and enjoy the natural world.

Volunteering in the Sensory Garden

(In association with Friends of Wollaton Park)

This small, quiet secluded space is cared for by a small group of dedicated volunteers who meet here on Saturday Mornings during the growing season from 10–12  for gentle gardening.  Our aim is to keep the rampant weeds under control and allow the other plants both wild and introduced to thrive and gradually to add plants to restore and enhance the sensory and colour themes.

Future dates:

  • Saturday 25 May
  • Wednesday 29 May
  • Wednesday 5 June
  • Saturday 8 June
  • Wednesday 12 June

To find out more, please contact us.

Sensory Garden

Geoffrey the Dragon

Within the Sensory Garden, you will also find Geoffrey the Dragon.

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