Long Border

The Long Border is a garden feature in Wollaton Park. It is located in the Formal Garden, which is to the south of Wollaton Hall. The Long Border is approximately 100 meters long and 5 meters wide. It is planted with a variety of shrubs and bushes – see the gallery below. The plants are arranged such that they bloom in a succession of colours throughout the spring and summer months.

The Long Border was originally planted with a variety of exotic plants, including many that were not native to England. However, over the years, some of these plants have died out or been replaced with more hardy varieties.

The Long Border is now maintained by volunteers from the Friends of Wollaton Park.

Secret tunnel

The secret tunnel reportedly leads to the Hall.

Garden Steps

The steps through the Long Border leading to the Upper Garden is a Listed Structure.

Low Water Garden

The Low Water Greaden is at the end of the long border and was once a water feature.

Plant Gallery

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