The Camellia House in Wollaton Park

The Camellia House in the gardens of Wollaton Hall is Grade II listed and one of the earliest cast iron glasshouses in the country, built in 1823.

Camellia House
Camellia House

Camellias are flowering shrubs that typically bloom in the winter and early spring. They prefer well-drained soil and partial shade and should be protected from harsh winds and frost, making the Camellia house a perfect environment.

The Wollaton collection contains over 25 specimens, some of which are over 100 years old.

Camellia Gallery

All photos were taken in 2023 by a Friends of Wollaton Park member.  The identifications above are our best guess, and not authoritative, but consistent with the information from the Hardy Plant Society.  If you can help correct any misidentification please let us know.


Some of the Camellias display flowers in different colours.  This is called sporting, where the flower displays characteristics different from the original plant.

The Nottingham Hardy Plant Society has some good information on the Camellia House, including planting plans from 2004 showing where many of the above Camellias are and a 360 Panorama which allows you to view the Camellia House online.

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On this page: Colin Robbins – Gallery.  Kyle Heesom – Sporting Camellias.