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In 2023, twenty-six volunteers, including Friends of Wollaton Park members, attended more than one Wednesday gardening session, contributing over 1200 volunteer hours.

  • Bark & Compost

    Bark & Compost

    During March, the Wednesday gardening volunteers, with the additional support of the Saturday conservation volunteers added compost and bark to the Long Border, Rose Beds and Top Lawn flower beds in the Formal Garden.

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  • Winter Gardening

    Winter Gardening

    The presence of the Christmas lights limited gardening activities in December, and the weather was against the volunteers in January. However new edging was added to the top lawn, 10 new trees have been planted in shaded areas of the garden where not a lot else would grow, Rhododendrons were trimmed on the path from…

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  • Border Edge

    Border Edge

    Gardening never stops! In November the volunteer gardening group tidied the border on the top lawn and created a new edge.

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  • Long Border

    Long Border

    During October the Wednesday Gardening Volunteers focused their activities on the winder bedding plants in the formal beds. But with the good weather, the Long Border continued to grow strongly. A “tidy up” removed a trailer full of trimmings.

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  • My My My Dahlia

    My My My Dahlia

    In spring 2023, the garden volunteers planted over 50 Dahlias throughout the old rose garden, long border and rockery. As is often the case with gardening, not everything grew as anticipated, and not all matured into flowering plants. However, those that did have made a spectacular show. If we have a mild winter, there is…

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  • Formal Garden Flower Beds

    Formal Garden Flower Beds

    The Formal Garden flower beds are looking spectacular this year. Mostly planted by volunteers under the guidance of Wollaton Park Staff. A least we’ve not had to worry about watering this year! The formal garden is laid out in a symmetrical pattern, with geometric-shaped flower beds, lawns, a rockery, statuary, and topiary. There is also…

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  • Many Hands…

    Many Hands…

    A fantastic turnout for this Wednesday’s gardening session, with over 40 volunteers to prepare the formal flower beds for the summer. The regular volunteers were joined by corporate teams from Experian, Capital One and Freeths. Tasks included clearing the winter bedding plants, ready for summer bedding, preparing the flower beds, and starting the summer planting…

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  • The Old Rose Garden

    The Old Rose Garden

    There are old photographs of the formal garden showing an area to the side of the Camellia house full of roses. As the trees grew the area became unsuitable for roses, and the plants slowly deteriorated and most were removed many years ago. Friends of Wollaton Park planted the box hedges several years ago, and…

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  • Spring Planting

    Spring Planting

    Springtime saw the team planting several new plants in the Long Border, old Rose Garden and Rockery. The Aubrieta were for the new rockery created in the Winter.

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  • Yucca


    In spring, we tidied up the Yucca’s, removing the dead leaves. This should create more light and air within the plant, promoting new, healthy growth.

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  • Balustrade Tidying

    Balustrade Tidying

    Today the volunteer group cleared the ivy and brambles overgrowing the Balustrade. Before and After pictures…

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  • Path Clearance

    Path Clearance

    Clearing the path behind the Camellia House

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