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In 2023, volunteers, including Friends of Wollaton Park members, contributed over 180 hours to park Saturday conservation tasks.

  • Lodge 1 and Water Sprinklers

    Lodge 1 and Water Sprinklers

    May 2024, saw Saturday volunteering undertake two discrete tasks. Tidying Lodge 1, and locating sprinkler heads for automated watering.

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  • Bark & Compost

    Bark & Compost

    During March, the Wednesday gardening volunteers, with the additional support of the Saturday conservation volunteers added compost and bark to the Long Border, Rose Beds and Top Lawn flower beds in the Formal Garden.

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  • Dead Hedge #3

    Dead Hedge #3

    Fourteen volunteers supported the February Saturday to create a dead hedge in the compost area in Digby Woods.

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  • December


    The new Friday conservation sessions continued into December with a session on December 1. The small group cut back an invasive Rhododedenron along the lake bank. This allows space for the marginal plants in the lake to grow, providing a healthy and balanced habitat.

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  • Ha-Ha Water Outlet

    Ha-Ha Water Outlet

    The Ha-Ha between the “Splendour” field and the lake was designed to allow excess water to drain into the lake, but has been silted up – until now…

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  • VW Volunteers

    VW Volunteers

    25 VW employees came to the park today to volunteer. They worked on the 508 memorial, Lodge 1, restoring memorial benches and tidying up around the lake.

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  • Dam Debris

    Dam Debris

    Between the Lake and the Duck Decoy is a dam, used to retain the water in the Lake and prevent flooding of the area around the Duck Decoy. It holds water above its natural level, so it falls under the Reservoir Act of 1975, requiring regular inspection and maintenance. Part of the maintenance plan requires…

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  • Taking Care of the Snake

    Taking Care of the Snake

    A dedicated team gave up their valuable time on a bank holiday weekend to care for the snake sculpture in Wollaton Park, and several other carvings too. By painting them with preservatives, the team helped to:

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  • Digby Dead Hedge

    Digby Dead Hedge

    It was great to see new volunteers join us today for a dead hedging session on Digby Avenue. The community of Saturday supporters is steadily growing, over 25 different people have now attended at least one conservation session. Having learnt a lot from our first attempt at a dead hedge in June, this time our…

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  • Weeding the Wall

    Weeding the Wall

    Wollaton Park is surrounded by 7 miles of wall. Most (all?) of it is a Grade 2 listed structure. Over time weeds and seedlings grow in the wall, damaging the face of the bricks and the mortar holding it together. The Saturday Conservation Volunteer group carefully cleared the growth from outside of the front wall…

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  • Dead Hedge

    Dead Hedge

    A part of Digby Woods is used by the park staff as a compost pile, collecting brash from around the park as part of general maintenance. Once fully rotted, the compost is used in places such as the Long Border in the Formal Garden and the Walled Garden. To prevent the compost pile from spreading…

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  • Scheduled Conservation Tasks

    Scheduled Conservation Tasks

    There are no scheduled dates for Saturday conservation tasks during the summer. The programme should recommence in the autumn. We may run ad-hoc tasks if the opportunity arises, they will be announced here and on Facebook. Thank you to everyone that has supported us thus far, and look forward to reconvening in the autumn.

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