Walled Garden Blog

Walled Garden February 2024

Warmest February on record…oh and more floods!

bothy path
Almost finished the potting sheds pathway
clearing path and undergrowth
Clearing undergrowth and the original path in the slip gardens
pathway to park
final repairs to the path almost finished
gardeners garden
more rain, but we still keep going!
bothy team meeting
Bothy-restoration team meeting with council conservation officer
warm February brings out the Hyacinths
willow planting
Planting willow in the sensory garden- good job it likes water!
chimney sweep
where’s Moiry Poppins, Bert?
A trommel
Home-made trommel screen (Google it) under construction
tree stump
the ongoing man v. tree saga
what is it?
It’s probably not a bomb!