Lilian Greenwood MP Visits Wollaton Park

The Rt. Hon. Lilian Greenwood, MP for Nottingham South, paid a visit to Wollaton Park to meet with the Friends of Wollaton Park and the Park staff.

Lilian took a look around the formal garden and learnt about how it is maintained as a collaboration between Friends of Wollaton Park, Volunteers and Park employees. As the rain began to fall on the garden, Lilian, accompanied by Saj Ahmad, a local councillor for Wollaton West, proceeded into Wollaton Hall and up to the Prospect room.

While admiring the views, Lilian was informed and updated on some of the wider volunteering activities in the park, such as the walled garden project, volunteer rangers and conservation activities as well as some plans we have for future projects.

Lilian Greenwood

The visit provided an opportunity to voice some of the concerns that Friends of Wollaton Park have regarding the park. Even though these are mostly issues for local councillors to deal with, it was important to raise awareness with the region’s MP so that appropriate support can be provided to the local team.

As the visit came to a close, Lilian specifically requested that we communicate her thanks and appreciation to all of the volunteers who take part in supporting the park.

The visit was planned as a part of the ongoing Friends of Wollaton Park’s initiatives to improve the park for everyone.

Update 19th August