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Formal Garden Flower Beds

The Formal Garden flower beds are looking spectacular this year. Mostly planted by volunteers under the guidance of Wollaton Park Staff.

A least we’ve not had to worry about watering this year!

The formal garden is laid out in a symmetrical pattern, with geometric-shaped flower beds, lawns, a rockery, statuary, and topiary. There is also a Doric Temple, which was built in 1755. The garden is surrounded by mature trees and shrubs in its many borders.

Some of the features of the Formal Garden include:

  • The Long Border: This is a long, narrow border that is planted with a variety of shrubs and bushes.
  • The Camellia House: This is a cast iron glasshouse that was built in 1823. It is home to a collection of camellias, as well as other subtropical plants.
  • The Sensory Garden: This is a small garden that is designed to be enjoyed by people of all abilities. It features plants that appeal to the senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing.